Snoring Spray

Are you tired of being made fun of and being likened to a power saw at family dinners due to the way you snore whenever you close your eyes to sleep? Be it a power nap or sleeping whichever time of day or night it might be you always and up sounding louder than a generator. Worry not, for the snoring spray has been designed to ease that problem. Finally, your family can enjoy a quiet sleep time.

Snoring may sound very trivial, but it is more often than not, it has resulted in disintegration families. This because, some people are not able to go to sleep with any noise in the background, this leads to them resenting their partner who snores. Snoring also has a detrimental effect on the snorer’s self-esteem, due to all the taunting and jokes made about their snoring problem by family and friends.

What is snoring?

Snoring is the quivering of the respiratory anatomy in the human body. It results in a loud vibrating sound which is brought about by blocked movement of air in the course of respiration when sleeping. The sound produced during snoring maybe mild but on most occasions, it tends to be very loud and annoying. Research shows that at least over 45% of adults snore in their sleep occasionally.

Snoring should not be taken lightly as it may be a sign of underlying conditions such as weight gain, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea which may cause heart disease, which we will be talking about later in the article. That is why caution should be exercised before self-medicating using over the counter methods such as pills and anti-snoring spray. It is advisable that you seek the doctor’s advice first before trying out any of the above-mentioned methods to ease your snoring problem.

This is because some snoring sprays and pills are not safe for human consumption. Some of them are released into the market without any scientific research to back their claims and promises to alleviate your snoring problem. It is important that you note that snore ease spray is not a permanent cure for snoring. All it does is relief snoring for a few hours, say until the night is over by adding moisture to the vibrating respiratory surfaces which cause snoring.

What causes you to snore?

Snoring takes place when air cannot move freely in your nose and throat while you sleep. This causes the nasal palate to vibrate hence, producing the snoring sound. Most people who snore, usually have flabby nasal and throat tissues which usually vibrate whenever inhalation takes place. This is what causes snoring.

How to diagnose snoring?

Once you hear complaints about your snoring from your spouse or family, it is important to consult a doctor about it He will ask if you have any allergies, what your eating and sleeping patterns are, what kind of job you do if you are under any medication and whether you smoke or drink alcohol. Finally, he will carry a throat and nasal passage examination on you to check whether you have any deformities of your nasal cavity, jaws, throat or mouth that may be causing you to snore.

If your doctor suspects that you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, he/she may request your spouse, family member or partner to get a diary to record your snoring and sleeping pattern as well. He may also ask that you spend the night in hospital so that they observe if and when and how frequent your breathing stops whenever you are asleep.

What is a snoring spray?

It is a type of spray which is made of ingredients whose purpose is to make throat muscles taught, in the bid to free the nasal and throat air passages. This is done with the intention of leaving them open while you sleep. In a nutshell, spraying decreases vibrations on the soft tissue which occur whenever you breathe throughout the night.

How does the throat spray for snoring work?

Snoring is a result of hindrances to the free flow of air either in your throat or nasal cavity. Throat muscles usually relax and hang on the air passage. This makes them vibrate, and this is what is called snoring. Snoring spray is a medicated way of reducing snoring. They are very effective for they reduce snoring instantly. Below is how the snoring spray works:

Alleviating inflammation

Snoring causes little swelling of the soft palate. The snoring spray is also designed in a way that eases inflammation and any other swelling in the throat or mouth.

Moisturises the throat

Snore relief spray is meant to lubricate the rear part of the throat. This helps prevent the muscles from moving, which causes vibration. As a result, snoring is prevented.

Gets rid of congestion

Snoring sprays also clear nasal congestion by opening up any blocked nasal airways and by getting rid of any built up mucous. This promotes better inhalation while at the same time prevents snoring.

Prevents throat dryness

Throat and mouth dryness is one of the major complaints many snorers have. Most of them wake up with their mouth and throats dry due to breathing using their mouths. Snoring sprays work by lubricating the mucous membranes in the throat and mouth, thus ensuring that you do not wake up with a feeling of dryness in your throat and mouth.

Shrinking of the nostril lining

Anti-snoring sprays also work by shrinking your nostril’s lining hence creating more space to inhale. This also tightens the soft palate tissues, hence makes it less susceptible to any vibrations, thus snoring is prevented.

Popular snoring sprays available in the market

Silence anti-snoring spray

Silence is usually sprayed in the throat and it works by leaving a thin coat of it on your throat. This prevents you from snoring loudly.

Professnore anti snore oral spray

It works by lubricating the soft palate, which alleviates snoring.

Essential health stop snoring throat spray

It works by controlling overproduction of mucus which causes snoring. Essential health stop snoring spray also lubricates and tightens the soft palate, hence minimizing snoring. The only drawback of this snoring spray is the fact that it contains sweeteners.

Bell stop snoring spray

Bell snoring spray uses essential oils to minimize snoring. It does not contain any ingredients which may defeat its cause such as artificial sweeteners.

Snore stop throat spray

It is designed to prevent excess production of mucus which causes snoring.

Rhynil stop snoring spray

This is a herbal snoring spray, hence very safe to use. It is usually applied on the roof of the nose and mouth. It is very effective in dealing with palatal flutter which is a type of vibration of the soft palate.

It is important to note that snoring sprays do not work for everyone. Therefore lots of caution ought to be exercised while purchasing and using them. Some sprays contain ingredients that are not compatible with some people, thus may and up affecting them adversely such as by causing them severe throat inflammation.

Things to look for in a snore ease spray

Ingredients are major factors to put into consideration whenever you are purchasing a snore spray. The following ingredients ought to be considered:

A good snoring spray ought to be made with essential oils. They are safer compared to other types of oils and that is why they are most preferable.


Most snoring sprays contain traces of alcohol which are not harmful to the users. However, for persons allergic to alcohol, such snore sprays should be avoided lest they suffer from throat swelling, which in turn causes more snoring.


Some anti-snoring sprays usually add some sugar in them so as to get rid of their unpleasant taste. However, this is not ideal a thing to do as it is not healthy to consume calories before going to bed. Sugars also have the ability to promote the creation and release of mucus which aggravates snoring. Apart from taking away the unpleasant taste in snoring sprays, sugars tend to worsen snoring.

Animal and some plant substances

Most vegetarians abhor animal products such as dairy. Therefore it is important that you check the ingredients contained in a snoring spray before purchasing one. This also applies to people ailing from celiac disease. This kind of people ought to ensure that the snore relief spray that they purchase is gluten-free. Natural ways to stop snoring beside the use of snore ease spray

There are lots of supplements, products, medication, medical apparatus, physical exercises and surgical procedures that promise to treat snoring. However, they work on a balance of probabilities because what works for someone else may not work on you And again, some of these remedies do not have a scientific backing, their promoters are just out to make an extra coin.

What many people do not know is that you do not need to get surgery done on you neither do you need to take medication to get rid of some of the problems that our bodies have. All you need to do is change your lifestyle and embrace natural solutions and the problems cease. Below are some of the changes you can incorporate in your lifestyle which might get rid of your snoring problem.

By changing your sleeping position

If you like sleeping on your back, then snoring is inevitable for you This is because, when you lie on your back, it makes the bottom part of your tongue and the soft palate to cave in on the wall at the back of your throat. This causes a vibrating sound while you sleep. That is why it is advised that you sleep on your side. If you are not able to sleep by you side throughout the night, you may get the assistance of a body pillow. It is quite beneficial as it holds your body in place on throughout the night. This can make a very big difference. You may also tap one or two tennis balls on the back of your sleeping clothes. You may be wondering how this works. This is how; It prevents you from sleeping on your back by causing discomfort to you in the event you sleep on them. You end up having to change your sleeping position and sleeping on your side.

You may also adjust your bed to a reclining position with your head up. This assists in opening your nasal passage which prevents storing. The only problem with is method is that it is likely to cause neck pain. However, if the snoring persists irrespective of the change in sleeping position then you might be suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It is therefore advisable that you see a doctor for further advice.

Watching your weight

This factor is based on a balance of probabilities. This is because what works for one person may not work on another. Slender people snore as well. However, if you gain a few extra pounds and you notice that you have started snoring, losing some weight may help you deal with the snoring.

Gaining weight is quite tricky because, you may end up with weight on your neck, which ends up squeezing

your throat’s inner diameter. This makes it more likely to cave in while you are asleep, causing you to snore.

Avoid taking alcohol

Taking alcohol, antihistamines and sedatives end up decreasing the note of the muscles located in the back of your throat. This makes snoring very probable. It is therefore advised that you avoid taking alcohol a few hours before going to bed As it worsens the snoring. Alcohol causes most people to snore even those who normally do not take alcohol.

Exercise good sleeping hygiene/habits

If you exercise poor sleeping habits, you are bound to experience an effect similar to the one you get after taking alcohol. Poor sleeping habits, also called poor sleep hygiene may be caused by working for long hours without having adequate sleep may result in you sleeping like a log. This makes you sleep deeply and causes your muscles to become limp, which makes you snore even more.

Opening your nasal passages

If your nose happens to be obstructed or narrowed either because you have a cold or any other kind of blockage, you and up breathing faster and more so that enough air reaches your lungs. You are bound to snore due to the fast-moving air that you are breathing in.

To open up your nasal passages and prevent snoring, it is recommended that you take a hot shower before you get into bed. You should also have saltwater to rinse your nose with after your finish taking a shower. This also helps unclog your nasal passages.

You could also use a neti pot to sluice your nasal passage using brine water. In regard to that, you may also use nasal strips to clear your nasal passages. They work by lifting your nasal passages and clearing them up. This only works if the snoring is caused by a problem in your nose and not your throat.

Changing pillows

Your bedroom may also have lots of allergens without you knowing it, and your pillow may be one of the places that they reside. Dusting your bedroom and replacing your pillows frequently is very important if at all you wish to curb your snoring problem.

Accumulation of dust causes dust mites to build up in your pillows and this ends up causing allergic reactions which bring about snoring. Another thing that may cause you to snore is letting your pets to sleep on your bed and this causes you to inhale animal hair which causes severe irritation.

Therefore, if you usually feel well during the day but blocked during the night, the above-mentioned things could be the ones contributing highly to your snoring. It is therefore advised that you keep your pets away from your bedroom and that you take your pillows to the dry cleaners or if you have a washing machine, put them into the air fluff after a couple of weeks. You are also supposed to change your pillows after every six months to ward off dust mites and allergy-causing organisms or substances. There are also pillows that are designed to bar snoring. They work by propping your head up, which opens nasal passages thus preventing snoring. They, however, might cause severe neck aches.

Ensure that you are always hydrated

It is also recommended that you take lots of fluids. This is because, whenever you are dehydrated, the secretions in your nasal cavity and soft palate and up being very sticky. This causes snoring. It is advised that women consume a minimum of 11 glasses of water and 16 cups for men. These are besides other fluids taken during the day.

In conclusion, it is advised that you have adequate sleep, sleep on your side and stay away from alcohol before you go to bed. A hot shower is also recommended if your nasal passages are blocked. These activities go a long way in alleviating snoring


Exercising your body, including your neck muscles strengthens and tones them. This clears the nasal passage and prevents snoring.

Use a humidifier in your home

If the air in your residence is very dry, it is advisable that you purchase a humidifier. Dry air dries your nasal cavity which causes snoring. Essential oils for snoring are a great way of dealing with the symptoms.

Other snoring treatments besides anti snoring nasal spray

There are lots of products that are designed to ease snoring beside the above mentioned natural methods and nasal sprays.

Dental appliances

These are fixed by your dentist if they discover that you have a deformity or abnormality in your mouth or jaw that causes the nasal blockage which results in snoring. They are very effective and correct the problem instantly, thus minimizing snoring.

Nasal Strips

Use of nasal strips and nasal support products are also recommended if you snore a lot. They usually serve the purpose of dilating nasal airways, thus reducing congestion. This prevents snoring and at the same time getting rid of any nasal obstruction that you might be having.


These work by reducing nasal congestion by clearing the nasal passage.

Masks/ devices

There are also devices like the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure which is worn like a mask at night. It works by keeping the pressure in your nose constant, while at the same time ensuring that your nasal passages remain open throughout.


There are also implanted devices such as Inspire. It is referred to as an upper airway stimulator which features a tiny pulse generator which is usually put beneath the skin located on the upper part of the chest. From the pulse generator is a wire which goes to the lungs. Its main purpose is to reveal the patient’s normal breathing fashion. There is also another wire which goes up the neck and provides stimulation to the nerves meant to repress the nasal airway, thus ensuring that they remain open.


There are lots of different kinds of surgeries available today that can alleviate myriads of factors that cause snoring. Surgeries like somnoplasty usually incorporate radiofrequency ablation to reduce soft palate tissues. However, it is up to your doctor to decide if you require the surgery based on how grave the situation is

What causes snoring?

There are several factors that cause snoring and they include the following:


Most people approaching their middle age years and above tend to have their throats growing narrower and the muscle turgidity in their throats keeps reducing. There is nothing that can prevent ageing, however, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle such as having a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol before going to bed and exercising. This goes a long way in preventing snoring.

Being overweight

Most overweight people tend to have weight around their necks and throat. This on most occasions causes snoring. This is because, the weight tends to narrow your throat passage thus, causing you to snore. It is therefore advisable that you exercise and consume a healthy diet for you to maintain a healthy weight. This will prevent snoring and other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Your body’s build

Men tend to have slimmer nasal passages as compared to women. They are therefore more likely to snore. Since one has no control over the way that they are created or their gender, you can change your lifestyle and sleep routines. This may help alleviate snoring.

There are also hereditary factors that cause snoring such as cleft palate, slim throat and large adenoids and some physical characteristics lead to snoring. While there is nothing you can do to change that, you may carry out throat exercises, practice healthy sleep routines and a lifestyle change. These go a long way in alleviating snoring.

Nasal conditions

If you have congested nasal airways, or a blocked nose either due to a cold, you are more likely to snore. They tend to make breathing very difficult and create a hollow in the throat which causing snoring.

Taking alcohol, sedatives and medications like antihistamines before going to bed

Taking alcohol, sedatives and some medications before going to bed results in intensified relaxation of muscles which results in increased snoring.

Sleeping posture

People who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore, unlike people who sleep on their sides. It is therefore advisable that you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back results in relaxation of your throat muscles, which blocks the throat passage. This causes you to snore because of the disrupted inhalation.

How to rule out other serious issues from snoring

Sometimes snoring points out to a more serious problem such as sleep apnea. This condition results in interrupted breathing while you sleep. This happens several times. Sleep apnea affects the quality of sleep that you have at night. It also causes a feeling of excessive fatigue and drowsiness during the day. It is advisable to visit a doctor if you or your partner exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Loud and heavy snores whenever you sleep.
  • A feeling of extreme fatigue during the day.
  • Interrupted breathing or choking while sleeping.
  • Falling asleep during unexpected times such as in the middle of a conversation or in the course of a meal. Connecting what causes you to snore to the remedy

If you have a snoring problem, it is recommended that you keep track of your snoring patterns. This helps you identify what causes you to snore, what aggravates it and how to alleviate it

Keeping a sleeping diary is what many doctors would advise if you have a partner whom you sleep with But if you do not, you may opt to set up a camera to record you while you sleep.

Exercises that alleviate snoring

Besides snore relief sprays, you could also carry out the following throat exercises to minimize your snoring. They have been tried and tested, therefore they are safe and not strenuous. Some studies that have been carried have revealed that pronouncing specific vowel sounds and entwining the tongue in certain ways causes the muscles located in the top part of the respiratory tract are usually reinforced and as a result, snoring is alleviated.

  • Reciting the vowel sounds (a-e-i-o-u) aloud for three minutes several times a day.
  • Putting the nib of your tongue at the back of your upper fore teeth. Glide your tongue rearwards for a three minutes duration daily.
  • Shutting your mouth and holding your lips together for thirty seconds.
  • Moving your jaw in a rightward movement with your mouth open. This should be done for thirty seconds. This should also be done to the left side.
  • Sing often. Singing intensifies control of throat muscles which reduces snoring.
  • Contracting the muscles in the rear side of your throat over and over for thirty seconds, with your mouth ajar.

How do you talk to a snoring spouse/partner?

You adore everything about your partner apart from their snoring which leaves you sleepless on most nights. However, irrespective of how much sleep you go without, it is imperative that you deal with the matter with utmost sensitivity. Do not attack them or act like they have really wronged you Remember, snoring is not intentional. They equally feel embarrassed about the way they snore and disappointed in themselves for being the cause of your tribulations (sleepless nights). These are some of the things that you should do if you decide to talk to them.

  • Ensure that you time the talk at an appropriate time. Ensure you do not begin the conversation very early in the morning or very late into the night. This is because, during these times, one feels very fatigued and you are bound to get easily irritated.
  • Always remember that the snoring is not intentional. It is normal to feel like a victim of circumstances during that particular situation, however, do have it at the back of your mind that your spouse or partner is not causing you sleepless night s on purpose.
  • Do not snap at them. Having someone deprive you of sleep is not pleasant at all. However, it is not wise to approach the matter in a confrontational manner for it is not your partner’s intention to snore. I am sure if they had any other way, keeping you awake at night they would not do.
  • Talk about it in a humorous manner. You should not be out to hurt your partner’s feelings just because they have caused you sleepless nights for a long time.

Having received complaints about your snoring, it is important that you realize that it is not an attack on your being, therefore you need not be defensive, nor personally. You ought to take it seriously and agree to look for a solution to the problem.

Final thoughts

From the above foregoing, we can make out that snoring is quite a menace. It causes adverse effects such as low self-esteem and may cause disintegration of families. However, all is not lost as there are things that can be done to alleviate snoring such as the use of snoring spray. They do not provide a permanent solution, but they sure do provide relief.